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Ninebot Mini

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original jc8 xiaomi mini smart self balancing scooter electric 2 two wheel hoverboard skateboard 10 inch UL2272 hover board

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Remote control scooter Smart Wheel
Speed(max): about 16km/h
 Load(max): 85kg
Torque(max): 35Nm*2
Motor rated power: 350W *2
Max power(instantaneous): 2100W
Motor control method: Sine wave vector control, current and speed loop-locked controlling algorithm
Trafficability characteristic
 Gradeability(max): about 15 degree
 Topographic condition: Harden ground, flat earthen floor, rampway below 15 degree,Step not higher than 1cm, groove not wider than 3cm
Chassis height: Ground clearance higher than 80mm
 Waterproof: IP54 (ordinary waterproof, can be used in light rain)
Energy system
 Energy resource structure: 30 x 18650 high power Lithium battery unit
 Travel distance: About 22km. Typical travel distance means: under the condition of full battery,70kg loaded, 25 degree C ambient temperature,15km/h average speed on flat road.
Smart BMS: Overpressure/undervoltage/short circuit/overheating protection,auto sleep/awake, could test the battery condition through APP
 Charger rated power: 70W
 Rated input voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Rated output voltage: About 63V DC
 Charging time: About 4 hours
Standard power consumption: 1.1 kW · H power consumption  a hundred kilometers 
 Braking shock absorption
 Braking distance: Dry state 3.4m
 Braking method: Somatosensory motor energy-absorbing buffer, energy recycle
 Shock absorption mechanism: High elasticity magnesium alloy shock absorption body + shock absorption foot pad
 Material: Magnesium alloy high elasticity frame
Braking method: Somatosensory motor energy-absorbing buffer, energy recycle, Braking distance only 3.4 meters
 Tyre: 10.5inch low pressure vacuum rubber tyre
 Wheel hub: 6inch magnesium alloy light alloy
 Light system
 Every scooter including:
 Light Ambient brightness inductive LED headlight
 Self-induced LED taillight light
 Bluetooth indicator light
 Battery indicator light
 Smart system
Smart self-adapting learning algorithm: Auto optimize output power, turning sensitive degree and safe protection parameters according to the driver's weight and history driving habbits.
Cellphone APP: Instrument panel, automatic trouble diagnosis, remote control drving,firmware update, personal setting, etc
Smart safe alert: Overloaded, over power, over heating, slip, overspeed drving, etc
New learner interactive teaching: Teaching learners the safe driving lesson through a interactive method
Driving requirements
Beginner Mode: New scooter need cumulative reach 1km  to unlock the beginner mode, you can use APP to re-enter the beginner mode after that.
Age 16-50 years old
Height 120-200cm
Max load 85kg 
Package include:
1x Xiaomi Scooter
1x Power Charger
1x Manual


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